Fashion Black Clothing

Some people say that black symbolizes the absence of colours. In reality though, black is one color which makes a person’s presence felt very strongly if he or she is wearing it. It happens to be one of those striking colours which add the necessary oomph to an individual’s personality, be it male or female.

In the world of apparel and accessories, black can undoubtedly be crowned as the king of all colours. From sleek high fashion gowns for women and elegant tuxedos for men, to the most casual of t-shirts and jeans on the street fashion scene, black comes about as ultimately classy and yet, the most wearable at the same time. Celebrities wear black at award ceremonies to make sleek choices in dress, entrepreneurs wear it to their all-important meetings and students wear it to college to make a causal statement. Not only this, but various identity groups such as punks and Goths use black to stand out in the crowd.

Importance of Black Color

The importance of this colour in the use of accessories cannot be denied at all. Shoes, sandals, handbags, wallets, belts, mufflers, and scarves- you name it and black has something truly tasteful in it to offer. At a wedding, at a friends’ party, at your graduation day, at office and even at home, it is highly probable that you will be carrying at least one of these accessories in black. This is because black provides a totally dependable base to all colours. On one hand, it mingles really well with softer tones such as beige, pale green, light blue and mustard to give a soft look while on the other; it makes prominent any bold colour worn with it such as hot red, fuchsia, orange, magenta, yellow, chocolate brown and aqua to make the wearer roar with style!

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